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By guest blogger Helen Mary 
For many, the festive season brought more than mere presents under the tree, and food and drink in excess.  It may also have brought a special event, because this period also happens to be the most common time of year to get engaged. The majority of these couples get engaged on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve.  

I have some friends who are newly engaged, having got engaged two weeks before Christmas.  They live in London with their five children and have been together for fourteen years.  A few years ago, they created a wonderful tradition of heading off to Brighton for one night just before Christmas, to have a break from the children and just enjoy being together as a couple.  My friend thought there had been a mix up as they were shown to the most gorgeous suite at the Hilton with a stunning sea view, definitely not the room she had booked.  Unbeknown to her, the room had been upgraded by her partner.  He asked her to come out on the balcony and they both described to me how the usually windy Brighton seafront was uncharacteristically still and calm, almost as if it was waiting for something important to happen, holding its breath in anticipation.  He pulled out the stunning diamond ring and asked her to marry him, and whilst trying to contain her utter shock that after all this time he was finally asking, she said yes. I am unbelievably excited for them and cannot wait for the big day, but one piece of advice I have is to take it slow.

You must enjoy the moment, just be engaged for a little while before going full steam ahead with the planning of your big day.  Take the time to really think about what is important to you and your partner before you book anything.  Make sure that together you decide on the most important elements for you both, so you can get it clear in your head.  Friends and family will offer their advice, suppliers will offer their services, and while it can be helpful, at times it can be overwhelming and make you lose sight of why you are doing all this. 

When the time is right look for companies that can make your wedding unique and personal to you and begin at the beginning.  The venue is probably the best place to start and we will be writing a blog post about venues in the future, to give you a little inspiration for your search.  Once you have booked your venue you can then consider a save the date card or wedding invite, depending on how far in advance you are planning your wedding and whether you are getting married locally or abroad.  Your wedding stationery is the first hint to guests to the theme of your day, and is something that can flow throughout your day with the order of service, table plans, place settings, guest books and then thank you cards.  We love giving our clients something unique to their day like this personalised guest book or this stunning handmade vintage themed photograph album .

Remember it is your wedding day, remember why you said yes, remember what you love about each other and most importantly, remember to stay calm, this is meant to be fun. 
by guest blogger Helen Mary, read more from Helen at Mostly Talking to myself.

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