Starting my own business was an easy decision. One I remember making before I'd even started senior school. I'm trying to remember when I first heard the word entrepreneur and actually I can remember one of my Uni contemporaries devoting their thesis to the concept of an entrepreneur and spelling the word incorrectly. No-one minded, it was easily done. I'm not sure any of us really understood it anyway, it was before entrepreneurs were a thing. 

Fast forward to the present, I read a lot of blogs, lots of exciting blogs, written by beautiful female entrepreneur women. This army of successful young women show up every day, totally colour coordinate with their brand and radiate confidence. It's a joy to spend time on their websites, they look so balanced, so happy, so in control and lately I've been asking myself what makes an entrepreneur. 

I've spent my entire career working long and late, gone the extra mile for my customers and investing, growing, reinvesting again. I've stood on market stalls in the cold to gauge a response to my products, I've stood for days on trade stands and travelled on a twin prop plane to visit a remote factory. By comparison to the entrepreneur blogs I read I've never had a photo shoot and there have been weeks where I haven't coordinated with anything. I also don't understand the word hustle and I absolutely hate networking events.

Lately I've been wondering if that's why I feel disconnected from the world of entrepreneurship. Quite simply I've never thought of myself as one: I've thought of myself as someone who gets to design every day, and because you guys love my work I also get to pay my bills.