We’ve been creating monochrome skylines for decades and are proud to be known as the company who originated monochrome skyline wall art. 

I am enormously flattered in hundreds of artists having taken inspiration from our monochrome skylines, and they remain a must have for any city loving art collector and make the perfect addition to your walls. 

City skylines in black and white are part of my signature skyline look - you'll know it's mine because there's a certain synergy within the composition. I love to add little quirks too. Overall, the objective of my skyline illustrations is a wish to feel cocooned by a City, I hope my skylines envelope you, create memories of the places you've been and create warmth when you look at them. I remain overwhelmed at the thousands of pieces I've sold since we introduced them in 2002.

In contrast, my bright travel pieces are inspired by the drama and vibrancy of travel. I read a book once where the author described meeting their parter as transforming their black and white world into glorious technicolour. That inspired me within my work, I wanted to throw summer colour and the thrill of travel to your walls. These are noisy pieces showing the depth of a city as well as the highlights. 

Most of all though I hope is you'll choose my work because you understand my motivation and appreciate you're getting something wildly original that is produced in the best possible quality.