Aberdeen: A Skyline For All Seasons

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Aberdeen Skyline

I'm sharing my journey of drawing 100 skylines and the journey starts where the Dee and Don rivers meet the North Sea. In Aberdeenshire. 

My love of Scotland is strong; the endless beaches, historic buildings, panoramic views and the air. The air. Billy Connolly said "When I was 12, we went from Glasgow to Aberdeen on a school trip. It was called fresh air fortnight". 

When I was young I lived in Scotland for several years before moving to England. My father flew jets from Lossimouth and, I expect, passed over Aberdeen on the North East coast of Scotland many, many times. Aberdeen is the perfect start to my skyline journey.

From its setting in the sea to its grandiose buildings, Aberdeen is a place unlike any other. The city of Aberdeen has a cityscape that’s shaped by both the sea and the wind, it is magical whenever you visit. 

Aberdeen has a proud, rich history of more than 10 centuries, and when you visit this coastal gem, you’ll hear tales of kings and queens, rebels and loyalists, fisher folk and shipping magnates. I've taken the most popular elements of Aberdeen and created a keepsake piece for anyone who has visited, or lives in Aberdeen. If you're visiting Aberdeen for the first time, expect to be dazzled. 

There's something for everyone in my drawing, without further ado, let me show you my interpretation of Aberdeen’s impressive skyline.




Aberdeen Skyline by Natalie Ryan Design

My artwork features an interpretive illustration of Aberdeen, with the contemporary skyline, modern architecture and stunning landscapes on display. Included within the Aberdeen Skyline: 

His Majesty's Theatre - The stunning architecture of Aberdeen’s theatre is a true symbol of the city.

Girdle Ness Lighthouse - Dedicated to maritime safety, Girdle Ness Lighthouse is a true landmark in Aberdeen. Stay a while and enjoy the harbour views.

Duthie Park Bandstand - The previously gorse-covered hill of Duthie Park has become an important fixture for Aberdeen residents and tourists who frequent the area. The fully restored bandstand overlooks one of the most beautiful natural views in Scotland.

King's College Chapel - The architecture is a fusion of modern and old, like all architecture in Aberdeen. If you get to visit the atmosphere will fill you with a sense of awe.

The Brig O Balgowie - The Brig o' Balgownie spans the River Don, connecting Old Aberdeen to New Aberdeen. This arch bridge is one of the oldest in Scotland.

Marischal College - The Marischal College is an iconic building of Aberdeen city. It is one of the biggest granite buildings in Aberdeen. 

Footdee fishing cottages - Footdee was once a popular fishing village in Aberdeen. 

Grampian Eye Big Wheel - The Grampian Eye Big Wheel is the perfect way to experience Aberdeen’s jaw-dropping skyline.

The beach - Aberdeen’s two miles of sandy beach is a sight to behold. Beaches rivaled only by those in Southern California or Hawaii! 

Dunnottar castle - A stunning ruined medieval fortress located upon a rocky headland on the northeastern coast of Scotland.

The Aberdeen highland landscape - whilst Aberdeenshires beating heart is the thriving city of Aberdeen I've included some of the breathtaking scenery.

There's also the Statue of William Wallace, Highland cows and a dolphin statue.

From decorative prints to fantastically framed prints, every artwork is printed professionally on museum quality paper, and will be delivered to your door. My art comes in 11 sizes with framing options too. You can even have it personalized.

Let the Aberdeen Skyline inspire you to pick up a pen and get writing. Some new stationery is arriving soon that I am really excited about, see below for a preview.

Aberdeen Skyline by Natalie Ryan Design
Aberdeen postcard of skyline
I hope you've enjoyed your trip to Aberdeen! I'll see you next time for more travels and I'll leave you with a quote by Queen Victoria, and of course some links.

"Lord Aberdeen was quite touched when I told him I was so attached to the dear, dear Highlands and missed the fine hills so much. There is a great peculiarity about the Highlands and Highlanders; and they are such a chivalrous, fine, active people."

Here's the links to purchase (thank you!):

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Aberdeen Skyline of Scotland



© Natalie Ryan 2002 - 2021.  

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