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The Creative Life at Natalie Ryan Design

A creative life Friday 5: a pipe dream becomes reality.

By Natalie Ryan

Having a drawing studio has been a pipe dream of mine and this year it happened. Today I'm writing about living a creative life in my drawing studio across the...

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Hengrave Hall Wedding Gift

Hengrave Hall, a wedding portrait.

By Natalie Ryan

Introducing a portrait of Hengrave Hall, an elegant wedding venue in the UK. The perfect wedding gift for a couple marrying at Hengrave Hall.

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Skyline Art, a blog post, by Natalie Ryan Design.

Skyline art

Skyline Art

A closer look at skyline art.

I’ve been creating skylines for decades and proud to be known as the one who originated hand drawn skyline art. 

City skylines in black and white are part of my signature skyline look - you'll know it's mine because there's a certain synergy within the composition. I love to add little quirks too. Overall, the objective of my skyline illustrations is a wish to feel cocooned by a City. I hope my skyline art envelopes you, create memories of the places you've been and create warmth when you look at them. I remain overwhelmed at the thousands of pieces I've sold since I introduced them in 2002.

In contrast, my bright travel pieces are inspired by the drama and vibrancy of travel. I read a book once where the author described meeting their parter as transforming their black and white world into glorious technicolour. That inspired me within my work, I wanted to throw summer colour and the thrill of travel to your walls. These are noisy pieces showing the depth of a city as well as the highlights. 

Most of all though I hope is you'll choose my work because you understand my motivation and appreciate you're getting something wildly original that is produced in the best possible quality. 

Click here to view my personalised skylines.

Click here to view my skyline collection.

Skyline Art by Natalie Ryan Design

Personalised skyline.

Paris Skyline, illustration.  


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