This week at Natalie Ryan Design: Platty Jubes, weddings, almost sold out, greetings and time off.

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A platty jubes friday 5

This week: Platty Jubes, weddings, almost sold out, greetings and time off.

Hello again, and welcome...and just like that a month has passed since the last Friday 5 and I'm sitting in my garden office typing away. Hello again!

Last time I wrote I shared I was having some time off and, well, I've just had a whole month off. It was wonderful (see no. 5 below). It's just lovely to be back in my office, especially as there's so much to celebrate at the moment.

No. 1 The celebrations didn't stop all month, firstly the Jubilee, secondly Fathers day and this weeks summer solstice. The Jubilee celebrations took me to a street party. Handmade bunting, scones, cake and, of course, a BBQ that blew smoke all over us. The perfect British street party. Last Sunday was all about the dads and we hosted a family lunch for my father in law. The UK is warm enough to entertain in the garden and in the garden I have been entertaining!

The UK is currently warm enough to spend time in the garden.
The Jubilee, bunting everywhere. Jubilee 2022.
Perfectly celebrated in English villages & towns.
London was bursting with Union Jacks and crowds.

No. 2 A new collection is coming. Yes, a brand new wedding collection will be launching at the end of the summer. It's nearly perfect. I'm collaborating on new elements; beautiful hero pieces and heirloom keepsakes. You're going to love it. Promise!

Natalie Ryan Designs Weddings, coming at the end of summer
Natalie Ryan Designs Wedding Stationery
Natalie Ryan Design Friday Five
Heirloom pieces to treasure by Natalie Ryan Design

No. 3 Almost sold out! I've added a section to my website for almost sold out designs. My ranges are sometimes printed in limited edition print runs and some of the art prints are nearly sold out. You can find these beauties under the Clearance section of the website and are labelled "Last Ones". There's a discount code at the top of the listing - Last10 - so grab yourself a print or two at 10% off. This is a good place to say thank you to you all for your purchases over the year, for helping me to nearly sell out on some designs. Thank you.

Natalie Ryan Designs Art Prints, Palm tree available on the website.

No. 4 We've been busy uploading greetings cards to the website and will be launching all of the designs soon. Very excited to share them. Here's a quick peak at some of the cards to come.

Happy Birthday Cheetah With Balloons by Natalie Ryan Designs
Together is my Favourite place to be, Natalie Ryan Designs

No. 5 I made a reel of my time off, it's over on instagram and You can watch it here.

National Trust, 2022
Time in the garden is always time well spent.
Garden inspiration, 2022
Old boots, new life. A lovely touch to the garden.
Sitting doing nothing is time well spent.
Time off always needs cake.

I hope you have had a lovely June and I'll see you soon for the next Friday 5.

Happy Weekend!


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A platty jubes friday 5

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