This Week in the Natalie Ryan Design Studio: Rest, bathrooms & the sales.

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A Christmas Friday 5

This Week: Rest, bathrooms & the sales.

24 - 31st December 2021

It's that bit between Christmas and New Year where the days blur and merge into one. After so long wishing for time off the days seem to stretch on. I'm doing my best not to wish away the time. I'm off until 4th January and this Friday five is how I'm spending my week off.

No 1. Restful days

If you read my last instagram post you'll see I moved home this December and swapped City life for village life. I'm having some serious down time and recharging my well-worn batteries. The days are consisting of lunches, exploring our local area with lots of walks and finding our village feet (alongside finding coat hangers and finishing unpacking). We've found the village pond, the church, the book exchange and fallen in love with so many of the village houses.

Village Pond, Photo: Natalie Ryan

No 2. January sale prep

The Natalie Ryan sale begins on New Years Day. Lots of clearance items and, as ever, many one offs too. Plus a site wide discount on art prints and frames, exclusive to our own website.

Photo: Natalie Ryan

No 3. Bathroom decor

I've got three bathrooms in the new house and I'll be sharing some behind the scenes in a New Years blog post. This is the first one to be finished and I can't wait to show you more and share how I chose the art for the rooms.

No 4. Festive feels

My own tradition is to watch Christmas films whilst decorating the tree. Our new home is in a village ridiculously similar to that depicted in The Holiday, with many houses reminiscent of Rosehill Cottage. I'll post more about the village, as I discover more. Whilst I didn't decorate this year (I do have a tree, a housewarming gift that can be planted and used year after year), I did manage to watch several Christmas films. I still have loads to watch.

Image: Natalie Ryan Design

No 5. Shopping the sales

No shoes, clothes or bags for me this year. Instead it's lighting, mirrors and some special furniture pieces. So far The White Company sale is looking pretty good.

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A Christmas Friday 5

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