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A Royal Friday 5

HM Queen has died image from London

8th September 2022

Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II has died.

"The Queen died peacefully this afternoon" said Buckingham Palace. "I know her loss will be deeply felt through the Country" said King Charles III.

I loved the Queen, she reminded me of my Grandma; a great matriarch within my own family. My grandma always wore a cardigan and her hair was the same style as Elizabeth's, as was her unreserved devotion to a life of service to her family members. The Queens passing has made me miss my grandma.

In years to come, when I'm asked to remember the day the Queen died I'll remember today. I went bowling, ate pizza and went home earlier than planned; the news was breaking. I walked to the train station in the rain with Clare from work, we spoke about our personal sadness and how there would be an announcement at 6pm. I thought about how many umbrellas were dotted about and how that reminded me of London and the Queen.

By the time I got home I knew she had died, the Buckingham palace flag was at half mast well before the media announced it. I settled in front of the tv with my cousins on WhatsApp for company. Then she was officially announced as gone. My first thought was for Harry, had he made it to Balmoral on his scheduled flight?

I'll miss the lady who has been all around me my entire life; her face on a postage stamp, her crest on my wellies, her houses in my drawings. She's been with me always and I wish our beloved Queen could have lived forever.

Rest in Peace, your Majesty.

10 September 2022

God Save the King.

We felt restless and so travelled to London to lay roses for Her Majesty and catch a glimpse of our new King, Charles III.

The roads were empty, I've never got into London so quickly. We walked to Hyde Park Corner and that's where it really got busy - Harrods sale, Hamleys at Christmas kind of busy. Whilst there were thousands of people lining the streets it wasn't hectic. The craziness that usually comes with large crowds was absent; the crowds moved slowly, thoughtful and sombre.

There's a carpet of flowers in Green Park, you don't have to queue to lay a floral tribute. I saw a girl put her wedding bouquet amongst the floral tributes and a little boy place a single red rose. There were lots of people in quiet contemplation in the calm and quiet of the park. It was a beautifully sentimental day. I'm glad I went.

Crowds at The Mall, by Clarence House 10.9.22
Floral Tributes in Green Park 10.9.2022
Floral Tributes in Green Park 10.9.2022
Floral Tributes at Green Park 10.9.2022

I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who has found the words to express their thoughts, memories and sentiments this week - my social feed filling up with pictures of HM Queen Elizabeth II has been welcome and comforting.

A final note: it's apparent the passing of our Queen has caused a lot of emotions and it has been triggering for many. When I visited Green Park The Samaritans were present offering face-to-face support. They have been appointed the official emotional support throughout the 10 days of mourning. Their number is: 116 123.

Look after yourselves, I'll be back to blogging after the National Period of Mourning has passed.

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