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A Sea View Friday 5

Sea View Friday 5 at Natalie Ryan

I'm sitting beside trees and endless fields, I'm inland and it's already hot and in complete contrast to my weekend which was spent at the beach. A beach umbrella and a breeze made for the perfect weekend. It was cool and glorious.

I am a self-confessed water lover, not limited to the beach, I love pool side time, rivers, streams, lakes and of course the open water and ocean. I recently spent a day at Nirvana Spa, before going I googled 'how many pools does Nirvana Spa have?', I may have found heaven.

I've chatted before about coastal themed art prints, how the beach inspires a lot of my work, so much so I have many different collections of beach and ocean wave prints. Recently I've condensed the collections and today I've broadly 5 ranges; Devon and Cornwall art prints, beach huts and tropics, coastal riviera glamour and, finally, active on the water. They all sit together on my website and are perfect for bringing the sea to your home. Here's a quick link to the website and you can see them all here. Below is a picture of a mood board I created when I began drawing sea-themed art, I wanted the collections to sit well within modern, contemporary interiors.

Beach inspired mood board

My collections of Coastal inspired art prints feature turquoise seas, rolling waves, evoke a sense of the English seaside or a more tropical climate. Each print is designed to capture the sea or ocean and bring an element of calm and quiet to your space to help you create an elegant coastal inspired interior.

This weeks Friday 5 is devoted to the sea, because that's where I'd rather be right now. Here are 5 of my favourite water-themed art prints.

No. 1: The paddle board art print. Great for any ocean lover of water sports and/or beach lovers of surf and paddles.

Paddle Board Art Print

No. 2: Joint favourites; Devon captures the sweep of the beach as well as the beach buildings and Dorset captures a snippet of the 45 million year old Jurassic landscape.

Devon and Dorset Art Prints

No. 3: Brighton Pier in grey, to remember carefree days having fun on the rides, eating candyfloss.

Brighton Beach Art Print

No. 4: Blue Sea Art Print hangs on my wall at home. It's great in a big size.

Blue Sea Art Print

No. 5: The South Coast bright, colourful fine art print in celebration of summer.

South Coast Sea Art Print

Just to remind you my prints are high quality fine art giclee art prints, roughly translated it means they won't fade and they are museum grade (sharp edges and vidid colours). Click here to check out my website for beach art prints, surf prints, sea wall décor enter SEA10 for a 10% discount off purchases made on the website.

Thanks for reading, I hope you are keeping cool or perhaps you are lucky enough to be reading this pool-side, at the beach, or at Nirvana Spa even!

See you next week!

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