This weeks Friday 5 is written in appreciation of the simpler things in life, as we live our day to day waiting for peace.

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A simple friday 5 at Natalie Ryan Design

Friday 11th March 2022

This week: life continues whilst we wait for peace.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who continues to struggle with the news. I plod on, waiting & praying for peace in Ukraine, life & work carries on meantime. At present it's the simple things in life that are bringing happiness. This weeks Friday 5 is written with love for the small things and the moments that have made me glad I exist.

1. I'm grateful we can help Ukraine in different ways. We can put refugees up when they come to the UK (The refugee scheme has so much information on how it works) and we can continue to donate. I heard a lovely story of a group of small businesses getting together to raise money, it's a huge giveaway, more about it here. I've seen makers design beautiful products to raise money. This link will take you to the Mims & family shop where you can, amongst other things, purchase peace spoons.

2. I'm grateful to know so many who, without hesitation, have leapt into action. I've seen big & small gestures; friends loading containers, making products to raise funds and sorting donations at centres. Others have been instantly & simply supportive of those struggling to process the events. Gob-smackingly, one of my husbands oldest friends is currently in a van, travelling somewhere along the Polish border, delivering donations.

3. As I carry on with my day-to-day I find myself sitting at my painting desk writing todays Friday 5. It's a new desk, in my new, much waited for, office. A space that is filled with light and has already given me happiness and a daily feeling of gratitude. There's still some painting to be done to the window frames and the outside. It doesn't matter, it'll get done, there's bigger and more important things going in on. I like the slow countryside pace, where nature is noisier than the traffic (unless the wind is blowing in the wrong direction). I'm sitting here surrounded by boxes, paints, paper, listening to the magpies and the trees. I've seen two magpies, that'll do. Thank you.

4. I've recently got into reading more poetry, choosing poets who are dramatically different to those of John Donne I studied for my English A level. I like contemporary poetry that describes, for example, eating oranges or running for the bus. Small, lovely observations of life. My favourite of the week is this, by SRW Poetry.

I was always a lighthouse
when you were lost at sea
but there came a time
when I was drowning
and you were nowhere to be seen
I found my own way to the shore
but I didn't stay there long -
you thought I'd always
be your lighthouse?
I've become the storm.

SRW Poetry

Here's a link to her store .

5. Finally, I have discovered, through the world of Gucci, Francis Burgeois. Wholesome & joyful, I am utterly grateful for his content. I've put a link to his instagram above.

I'll see you for the next Friday 5 soon.

Take care now.

(*Footnote: Gibbo is still travelling towards Poland. It's been 3 days, hampered by snow. Further update when there's news.)

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A simple friday 5 at Natalie Ryan Design

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