It’s November and the first Autumn in our new home!

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Another Autumn Friday 5

It’s November and the first Autumn in our new home. If you’ve known me for a while you’ll know I recently, well almost a year ago, swapped City life for the Countryside. It’s fair to say we are embracing our new lifestyle; yes we both now own a Barbour jacket and I have a bowl of conkers, collected from our own trees. Life is different, good different, wonderful different.

When I wrote last years Autumn post I was waiting to complete on this new home. Autumn is, in my opinion, for staying at home and embracing the cosy, the easy and the simple things, which is difficult when waiting to move home. That said, I thoroughly embraced the 5 simple Autumn pleasures I wrote about last year, the simple things really did bring joy and calm. This year I’m embracing Autumn again; from jumping in a pile of leaves to decorating my door with an autumnal wreath.

This Autumn I’ve been travelling a fair bit with my job. It’s so good to be able to do this again, I’ve missed life on the road with a sketchbook. I will write about the new work that’s coming out from my travels. Meantime, here’s how I’ve been spending this Autumn so far.


1. An Autumn Break

With the calm before the Christmas-trading storm upon us, I took the chance to meet friends and spend some time in the Dorset countryside. We ate, walked, explored and got together for the first time since lockdown. Lots of chatter, lots of fun.

I stayed in Wimborne, Dorset in a haunted hotel that I’ll never stay in again, there was a note by my table “If things go bump in the night call this number”. Sure enough, in the middle of the night the wardrobe doors opened by themselves. I was very glad to check out!

Other lovely places we visited in Wimborne included The Thirsty bird, Walford Mill and Berties Country Store. Plus The Olive Branch, who also own the beautiful 1777, I stayed there 2 weeks ago, stunning place, big comfy beds, the best breakfast and not a ghost in sight.


 Natalie Ryan Design Autumn

2. Another Autumn Break

I spent a second weekend in Dorset, this time at one of my all time favourite places and that meant a beautiful walk along to Hengistbury Head. It’s always so beautiful.


3. Autumn walks in the countryside.

I’m always out and about in nature, my favourite place to go is The Vyne. I visit so often I call it my other Hampshire home. It’s just across the fields from us and it’s glorious, whatever the season and despite the ongoing repair work. Autumn at The Vyne simply means more time in the coffee shop. Homemade cake and marshmallow hot chocolate is a must.

Here’s just a few recent images from The Vyne, National Trust, here in Hampshire. I’ve put a link to the website so you can see all the lovely Autumn events going on.


4. Autumn on the website

I’ve started a little seasonal diary over on the website. I may change it to monthly, but for now I’m celebrating the seasonal and letting you all know what’s new in the studio. You can read the Autumn Update here.



5. Prepping for the next season.

Whilst Autumn is most definitely my favourite season of all I really am thinking about the Christmas season. Whilst Winter doesn’t begin until December I’ll be updating the website when the first frosts are here. It’s all about the sparkly lights! Here’s a little preview of what’s happening next season at Natalie Ryan Design.

I’ve got this gorgeous sweatshirt launching in a raglan sleeve next week.



I’ve also got some brand new Christmas products launching soon, including many more dog breed Christmas cards (and some cats too).




The other thing we are busy uploading are our 1000 portraits of Wedding Venues, personalised art prints to make the perfect gift for the happy couple. Here’s Hengrave Hall, just one of many beautiful portraits:




That’s it for Autumn here. Just before I go. I promised a friend I’d share that October 10th was World Mental Health Day.

2022’s was themed ‘Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority‘. The website shares health tips and features an amazing guide to help prioritise your mental health Here’s the link .

Have a fantastic weekend, hopefully you’re out kicking the leaves.

Happy Autumn All.

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Another Autumn Friday 5

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