This week: Music, sofa's, Suffolk & of course footy!

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A joyous Friday 5

This week: Music, sofa's, Suffolk & of course footy!

July 9th 2021

1. My dear nephew Harry graduated from music school, I love that I got to watch his concert online alongside family in Ireland & London.

2. Spent time, a lot of time, researching Suffolk. When putting together my family tree, on my mothers side, it turns out my great grandmother and grandfather were Suffolk farmers. As such, I’m planning a visit (and maybe a skyline!). Very excited to be putting this together and retracing our ancestors. If you've got any great Suffolk recommendations just let me know. I'm very much at the planning stage still.

Picture: Suffolk by Adam Rhodes
Picture by Rachel Cooper
Picture: Suffolk by Rachel Cooper
Picture: Suffolk by Gian Paolo Aliatis

3. This week I’ve also been researching sofa’s and deciding between fabric and leather.

Picture: Philip Goldsberry
Picture: Lauren Mancke
Picture: Paul Weaver

4. Football. Obviously. What a week.

5. The big task of the week has been greetings cards. Soon you’ll be able to send direct from us to your family and friends. I’ve been listing our catalogue of greetings, including animal puns that we used to sell in Liberty’s and Fenwick. Can wait to share more!

Picture: Natalie Ryan Design
Picture: New Home Card, Natalie Ryan Design
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A joyous Friday 5

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