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A wholesome Friday 5

Natalie Ryan Design Wholesome Blog

16 July 2021

This week: photo shoots, pizza, long walks & furnishings

  1. 1. There's a deadline looming and this weeks deadline involves a photo shoot. I have been collecting beautiful things to add as props to the shoot and mood boarding the feel of the whole event.
Natalie Ryan Design
Image by Annie Spratt

2. My nephew Harry & I went out for pizza. This is The Stable in Winchester, we both recommend it wholeheartedly. It's just by the Cathedral, near The William Walker pub and The Square in Winchester.

Image copyright The Stable Winchester

3. I've opened the order books for commissions, you can view the range here. The timescales are changing over the weekend to reflect availability. Looking forward to travelling to your destinations and places over the next weeks.

Natalie Ryan Design Blog
Image, Natalie Ryan Design

4. There are so many beautiful walks where I live. The seasons brings a new view every week, at this time of year nature is bursting. The grass is so long, the wildflowers are out and the wildlife is everywhere. The morning birdsong is just fantastic. So far this week I've walked every day, covering most of what you can see in this picture.

Natalie Ryan Design Hampshire
Image, Natalie Ryan Design

5. Home furnishings are on the agenda! Lots of different styles, shapes and designs. Coming to all our outlets in a month or two. Here's a link to the website so you can check out what's available. Let me know if you want details of when the collections go live.

Wow! That week went quick! Enjoy your weekend and see you Friday.

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