This week: champagne, cuddles and keeping cool...

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23rd July 2021

This week: champagne, cuddles and keeping cool

1 - The glorious heat. Staying cool was probably the biggest challenge of the week. Don't know about you, but I mostly spent the week in search of shade and a breeze.

Image: Briana Tozour

2 - My cousin was called to the Bar which called for champagne for us. Well done Ted, we are so proud of you. Well done auntie for raising such bright and brilliant children.

Image: Designecologist

3 - Cuddles and Cake as we celebrated two birthdays and one new doggy. Not ours, sadly, this is Ginny. So that makes me a dog Auntie.

Image: Natalie Ryan

4 - Family together at last! A sunny get together with my family-in-law, lots of hugs and 18 months to catch up.

5 - With the heat I was firmly focused on the ocean. I wrote a new blog post all about bringing the seaside home. Click here to read it and click here to shop.

Image: Aleksandra Boguslawska

See you next week for another (hopefully cooler) Friday 5.

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