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A Valentine Friday 5

Natalie Ryan Love Friday 5 Blog

This week: A valentine Friday 5. Love is in the air as valentine's launches.

21st January 2022

Our 2022 Valentine Collection is live. Suddenly the studio is full of bright pinks, reds and deep, rich navy shades. I'm wearing a hoodie with a heart printed on the front and generally feeling the love.

As such, this weeks 5 are my favourite love themed products. Full disclosure though, I am not known for having the most successful of valentine days. For starters, I have a cat who is allergic to flowers (which means red roses are never going to work in this house) and I just can't bring myself to sit in a restaurant on a rainy Tuesday (or whatever day of the week it is). I just feel awkward. As for galentines, I'd never heard of it until a friend sent a card. Honestly, I thought it was a misprint and the sender had hit "G" on their keyboard instead of "V". See, what I mean?!

Disasters aside, I most certainly love love and I do love telling my friends and loved ones how much they mean. Whilst I don't view this as integral to it being 13th or 14th February I do think it's fun to send a card or token gift on Valentine's Day. Here are my top picks...

No. 1 Valentine's Cards

Fancy sending a Valentine’s Day card with a difference? Our range of illustrated cards are the perfect way to let someone special know you care. Whether you want to send a card just to make someone smile, or to send kisses and hugs, these cards will certainly make your loved one smile! You can choose from one of our beautiful flowers, or elegant patterns – whatever your choice, you’re sure to find something you like the look of! Click here to shop the full range.

Natalie Ryan Design Valentine Greeting Cards

No. 2 Valentine's Hoodie

Now everyone knows about Valentine's Day gifts like the dozen roses or heart shape chocolate. But if you're looking for something that will give you a bit more satisfaction than just chocolate or flowers, then check out our Valentine Hoodie. We've recognized that girls love hoodies but what about a hoodie tailored to Valentine's Day? Our customers love this special edition hoodie. Made with Love.

Valentine's Hoodie by Natalie Ryan Design

No. 3 Valentine Themed Cushions

Add a little love to your sofa with these Valentine's Day cushions. These cute and cheeky cushions aren't just great for your Valentine's Day but the cushions are also ideal to add a colourful splash to your home or office. The cushions come with kisses or with declarations of love. Click here to shop.

SWALK cushion, Natalie Ryan Design
Je j'aime Valentine's Cushion from Natalie Ryan Design

No. 4 Love Notebooks

These are going live this week with the full range of hardback or wirobound books. In the new collection we have lined up a set of Valentine’s notebooks to get your creative juices flowing. Use them to write all about your perfect partner, to plan your wedding or your next Valentine’s day. I’ll be revealing these over the coming weeks so make sure you keep an eye on things.

LOVE Notebook by Natalie Ryan Design

No. 5 Love Art Prints

Valentines is the biggest day of the year for hearts, flowers and love. We wanted to bring you a series of art prints that celebrated this and create something fun, cute and subtle. All the prints are printed with high quality inks on beautifully textured fine art paper and come framed or unframed. Click here to shop art prints.

The Valentine's collection is live right now, and the most popular Valentine greetings cards available on Thortful.

This is the link to Thortful Cards and this is the link to the Valentine's section on my website.

See you for the next Friday 5 soon!


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