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Figurative art

Figurative art wall art collection celebrates the beauty of the human body, and is both stunning and striking. Featuring big, dark brush strokes that are fused with delicate gold details, these pieces are reminiscent of traditional abstract art. With their free spirit and striking colours, they will bring a wonderful impact to your home.

Our range of figurative art is just what you need to finish your space off. Jumping, diving, running and climbing are the main subjects of this range. Each piece focuses on different aspects of the body. Diving Girls looks at the control of the body as it is suspended in the air. Images of diving girls, sporting men, falling figures and aerial acrobats celebrate the human body in motion. Perfect for creating a contemporary feel in your space. 

Art prints in this series show the human form in mid-action, demonstrating the control of the body as it is suspended in the air. Enjoy the power of fine art in your home with this series. Dark, rich backgrounds and big, bold brush strokes fuse together to create pieces that will have an immediate impact on any wall. 

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