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Horoscope Art

Horoscope Art is a fantastic  way to enhance your living space, so why not invite the wonders of the zodiac into your home decor? Each of the 12 signs of the zodiac depicted in a glorious vintage style. Brilliant technicolour art prints beautifully set with special elements bespoke to each individual star sign. Flowers, star formations, vintage fauna balanced with nature bring astrology to life. Launching soon - couples Zodiac prints!

Wish upon a star and decorate your living space with the beauty of the universe. These glorious technicolour art prints are a sensational vintage style. Hanging in your home, Astro Zodiac art will set the tone of your room and elongate its wards with colourful signs from the heavenly zodiac. Signs of the zodiac are depicted in a glorious vintage style and amalgamate special elements unique to each star sign. All prints are printed on high quality paper making them easy to frame and hang up within minutes!

A classic collection of fine art prints and a wonderful gift for the astrology fan looking to add some colour and retro styling to their home.

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