Perth Australia Map Print

Perth Australia Map Print, unframed, is a vintage skyline art print of Perth. Botanical elements and a map cut out skyline silhouette in vintage colours. It’s a great keepsake in muted colours and makes a great gift for travellers. This skyline is from the collection of many cities around the world. 

Our Perth, Australia skyline art print in vintage colours is a great keepsake for travellers. The silhouette of the skyline in old style is enhanced with botanical elements including flowers and leaves. A map cut out in vintage colours adds to the vintage character of this piece. An unusual gift for people who love travel, this is a beautiful vintage silhouette of Perth. Botanical elements come alive with warm hues, while a map cut out shapes the skyline. This is a unique skyline art print of Perth, Australia. 

The skyline is printed on heavyweight matte art paper, which gives it a wonderful impressionistic look. There are botanical elements, along with a map. A lovely gift for anyone who has visited Perth, or to give as a gift to someone who might be visiting there soon! This city print is perfect for those who enjoy world travel or those that reside in Perth.