Strasbourg Map Print

Strasbourg Map Print - Skyline Art Print, Unframed, features Botanical elements and a map cut out silhouette of the skyline in vintage colours and will become a great addition to your interior. Breathtaking yet thoroughly modern. Strasbourg is a city of art and architecture, and is one of the most attractive cities in all of France. Our Skyline Map is printed on natural white matte fine art paper. Whether your home is classic or contemporary, this print is sure to be a welcome addition. 

The piece features botanical elements and a colourful silhouette of the city. The art print can be hung unframed in your living room, dining room or bedroom. This beautiful map silhouette art print makes a great gift for anyone who loves to travel. This antique-style skyline  is the epitome of the romantic French city of Strasbourg . Its watercolor botanical elements are made with love to make this skyline  print truly stand out.

The Strasbourg Skyline print is printed on fine art paper using archival quality ink. The skyline is printed in warm vintage colours. The image is detailed with botanical elements and silhouettes of buildings.