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Cambodia Travel Print

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Cambodia travel print is an atmospheric fine art print representing the iconic Ancient stone faces of Bayon temple, Angkor, Cambodia. Growing from the roots of the Bodhi tree The roots grow out to form a vast and ancient root system reaching for the earth while skyward curling tendrils appear to be reaching towards the heavens.

Feel the excitement of discovery as you explore the ancient stone faces of the Bayon temple in Cambodia with this beautiful travel print from BellaMuseArt . This original fine art print features a unique combination of color and texture, and is sure to make an impact in any space. An atmospheric travel art print of Cambodia paying tribute to the temples of astonishing scale and innovation.

The travel art print depicts faces emerging from towers, as seen in the Bayon Temple in Angkor Wat, Cambodia. The deep moody hues capture the spirituality found within the ancient temples. It’s the perfect gift to remember travels to South East Asia.

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