Cardiff Map Print

Cardiff Map Print features botanical elements and elegant colours that reflect a nostalgic, vintage air. Designed in England using enhanced art paper the Cardiff Map Print features a vintage-style illustration of the popular Welsh capital, showing off its famous landmarks. It reflects a whimsical and playful feel that will blend perfectly into your modern home. Showcase your love of travel with this detailed, vintage map print of Cardiff. Hang it in the office, the bedroom or kitchen.

This stunning illustration celebrates Cardiff’s most recognisable landmarks, the map is created from a mixture of watercolour painting techniques, graphic design and collage. This is a lovingly created, contemporary illustration and looks amazing in any room. Say hello to a new addition to your decor with this wall art, and welcome the world into your living space. Cardiff Map Print, featuring a precise map of Cardiff, Wales. In shades of grey and earthy browns, this map print is the perfect way to pay tribute to your favourite city.