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Tanzania Travel Print

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The Tanzania travel print is perfect for the house or office and makes a great gift. This contemporary travel poster depicts Mount Kilimanjaro against a setting sun, perfect for any wall.

Explore the diverse artistry that is Africa with our stunning Africa fine art print. This contemporary travel poster includes an image of Mount Kilimanjaro against a sunset which makes this Africa artwork a stunning piece for any room including your home, office or restaurant. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and forms part of the massive Northern volcanic ridge, one of the continent's magnificent sights.

The Mount Kilimanjaro print represents the magnificence of Africa's highest peak, and one of the continent's most magnificent sights. The sun sets over this beautiful landscape, on the border between Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The warm colour palette and subtle approach makes this print an ideal gift for anyone who loves art and Africa.  

This charming print takes you to one of Africa's most gorgeous and natural landscapes.

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