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UAE Travel Print

UAE travel print is an illustrated portrait of Abu Dhabi, the sights and landmarks of this modern Middle Eastern city are featured in a bright, bold style. Panoramic buildings that reflect the vibrancy of the UAE's largest metropolis include The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Capital gate, and The Guggenheim - set against a backdrop of skyscrapers with mirrored facades.

Breathtaking contemporary art print of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE - modern and cosmopolitan city, using watercolour paints to depict this fascinating city. 

Inspired by the same high-rise buildings that make Abu Dhabi a modern cosmopolitan city, our limited-edition Modern Abu Dhabi print celebrates the city's skyline and culture. 

The illustrations have been composed in a contemporary way in order to relate to those who live and visit Abu Dhabi. Described as both culturally rich and architecturally diverse, the illustrations have been created to depict the city's impressive buildings. The artwork features all of the most iconic landmarks evident from throughout Abu Dhabi. The final illustrations have been directly inspired by other dramatic pieces of art that celebrate architecture, so as to make each piece striking and memorable. With a range of different coloured lines and tones, it's sure to be a favourite addition to any room it finds itself in.