Abstract art is a huge trend in interior design right now, and here's 5 ways to incorporate abstract into your home.

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5 Stylish Ways To Incorporate Abstract Art In Your Home.

Abstract art is a huge trend in interior design right now, and rightly so when you think about it. Abstract paintings interpret the world in a different dimension using colour and shape. You can use abstract paintings, and indeed homewares, to add a statement to any room and create a stunning interior with very little effort.

Here’s 5 stylish ways to decorate with abstracts…

1 - Create a dramatic focal point

It’s hard to achieve drama in a room with an off-the-shelf palate of white walls and beiges. So if you want to make your space stand out, without an entire room redecorate, you have to go beyond the ordinary. A focal point has the power to liven up any room almost instantaneously, and the more dramatic it is, the greater the impact will be.

2 - Go big with your artwork

Whether it’s the more traditional, pure art types or the more contemporary and edgier paintings, if you want a dramatic room that packs a real visual wallop, then going big with your abstract is your way to go. After all, you can never go wrong with something that’s big and bold.

If you really want something that’s bold and attention getting, then going all out with your abstract paintings is where it’s at. If you have an empty wall that seems so much larger than the rest of the room, then fill it with a larger piece of art that will make it stand out and give your eyes an immediate place to land. That said, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge painting, it can be a series of smaller, bolder paintings as well as you can build excitement in your space with layering pieces.

Decorate with abstract art
Image by: Francesca Tosolini

3 - Add balance and texture with a few decor items

Decorating with abstract art can be tricky, however. The key is to balance the furnishings with a few decor items. For instance, a single painting in one corner of the room. Or colourful textiles is another.

Abstract art has been used in interior design for centuries. But lately abstract art has come back into it again. Abstract furnishings are also very popular - especially the faux sisal rug flooring in a soft touch vinyl is so popular in modern homes. It makes an interesting contrast against a plain white wall, but still combines with other ideas. This fabric wall mural is on a feature wall of this living room and creates interest and balance.

Remember that balance is important in interior design especially when you want to create an impact without much effort! Ceiling lights with texture bulbs in also creates some unexpected light play and cushions with texture and pattern can help create a cozy space too.

Abstract art textiles and wall hangings
Image by Francesca Tosolini
Abstract shapes on decor
Image by: The Tsudons
Gormley statue abstract cushion
Gormley Cushion, Natalie Ryan Design, enquire for details.

4 - Contrast modern and traditional styling

Home, whether it’s a quaint cottage or a city loft. It's usually where we spend our time with friends and family, sharing our most personal moments. For many of us, choosing the design elements that best suit our style is important. The concept of home never has been so fluid as it is in today’s design environment. Mixing up styles is a brilliant way of combining all your tastes - contemporary, modern, mid Century - and abstract art can really tie a room together through colour and texture.

5 - Create an abstract art inspired gallery wall

Gallery walls are a great way to decorate any room. But they can be difficult to create, especially if you’re trying to include just abstract art.

There are many different styles of abstract art, and the best way to create a gallery wall is to mix up different styles. Abstract art is more than just splashes of all different colors thrown against the canvas. Some have lines and shapes while some are just one color. Each piece has its own style, but they also all work together beautifully once balanced.

Abstract art gallery wall
Image by Spacejoy

Bring your space to life with bold abstracts

Start with one or two statement pieces and build your collection from there.

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5 Stylish Ways To Incorporate Abstract Art In Your Home.

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