Autumn in the studio Cosy up, it's getting chilly out there! 

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Autumn in the studio at Natalie Ryan

Autumn in the studio

Cosy up, it's getting chilly out there!


Fall in Love

"Everyone must take time to sit & watch the leaves change." - Elizabeth Lawrence

It's the season to blow the cobwebs away. As Autumn unfolds (at an astonishingly rapid pace) we are embracing the season. New collections, the last tweaks to the Christmas store, here's a little of what you can expect to see from us over the next months.
Autumn is most definitely here.

Welcome to Autumn at Natalie Ryan

This is the season where logs crackle & embers glow. We go for brisk walks & embrace the chilly air. This time of year we need another jumper, or a snuggly sweatshirt, in order to leave the house. The fields around us are bursting with pumpkins, local to us you can pick your own. The village coffee shop smells of spiced latte, people queue up in their fleece lined wellies and their dogs cosy up by the fire, it's been a while.

When we were in Winchester, with our glorious view, I'd watch the trees turn copper, now in the Hampshire countryside we are engulfed by trees and Autumn has enveloped us in it's golden glow. The leaves are covering the lawn and I joyfully crunch my way to work.
October is baked potatoes, cookies, home made soups, comfort food and parties.

Autumn is my favourite season of all.


Dramatic Watercolour landscapes are coming soon. It's been a while getting these beauties launched. Partly because they hung on my own walls and I kept selling what I had in stock.
Shouldn't be too much longer.


'Fall in love' (sorry but it's my favourite pun) with our snuggly cushions. These are all sorts of vintage colours, inspired by William Morris, vegetable dyes and arts & crafts.
The collection of soft furnishings is expanding to include blankets and carpets. Coming soon!


You've been asking me for skyline greeting cards for years, and finally I'm really happy with the paper stock and we will be launching these beauties soon.


So many animal inspired art prints, stationery and homeware.
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I enjoy producing limited edition art prints, something I'm going to be working on more. I've just a few of my Hoop collection left.

- Note: Sold out.


Raglan sweatshirts in the shop soon.
This one is Antracite, it's Peta approved vegan and has been tested for harmful substances.


Wildheart is the theme of Autumn. Beautifully-made, easy to wear, comfortable T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies for men and women. Inspired by walking in the mountains, exploring in nature.


During Autumn I'll be working in Barcelona, Austria, Winchester and London. It takes a few months to launch new ranges, you can expect new pieces in the Spring.



Cushions & Cases!

More cushions coming soon.

This Autumn in the studio I'm working on our range of accessories: bags, carry alls, phone cases and tablet covers. These will be here in time for winter. Talking of winter...

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Autumn in the studio at Natalie Ryan

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