Spring is here! Read on to find out how we are embracing spring in the studio.

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Spring is here and life gets lighter

Hello to you, dear spring!

“Never yet was a springtime, when the buds forgot to bloom.” - Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

Hello Springtime, the season of rejuvenation, renewal, and new beginnings.

It is the time of year when nature comes back to life after the cold winter months, in the garden our plants and flowers are beginning to bloom. There's a renewed sense of energy and hope and it's a time for planning in the studio.

Welcoming Spring at Natalie Ryan

The long winter departs, and with it the frosts and falling snow, see you next year snowmen, super sized jumpers and fireside meet ups.Spring has arrived!

Spring morning walks are kinder and gentler. It's the same path, the same footsteps, yet winter briskness gives way to a dawdle to watch the symbols of the season; the blossom, the blooming flowers, the slow starting buds, the watercress fields, and my goodness the noise! Birds have found their voice, lambs their feet and the farmers find themselves busy with the fields and the crops. A reminder that life is constantly renewing itself. After the darkest of winters, springtime is joyfully welcomed into this little corner of Hampshire.

At home there's a sense of urgency to declutter and cleanse, pack away the winter clothes and blow the cobwebs away.Throw open the windows. The smell of freshly cut grass envelopes, competing with the scent of fresh blooms in a newly polished vase on the kitchen windowsill.

Just as nature begins to come back to life, there's a renewed sense of motivation and energy. Springtime is a wonderful season to welcome new beginnings, and be grateful for the many opportunities it brings.

The clocks spring forward bringing lighter mornings, the evenings start to stretch out, edging towards the longest day. Going outsidefinallyneeds a lighter jacket, a floral dress, a candy stripe shirt. So many things to do; a weekend away, a trip into London, a journey to a favourite yet forgotten haunt, meet ups, walks and outdoor swims. There are seedlings to plant out, tomatoes to grow, climbing roses to train and bulbs to admire.Springtime joy is everywhere!

Hello Spring, you busy thing, it's so good to see you.

The First Chapter of the year.

Spring in the studio looks slow, yet feels busy, as projects we began in the winter edge towards completion. For me, springtime equals work in progress, projects underway, new collections and product design. As ever, it's a packed year, a year of activity, and here are some of the things we are working on right now this Spring.

We are bringing our collection of personalised art prints, previously exclusive to Not on the High Street, to you to buy directly at from this website. Fingers crossed everything will be ready to go by the end of April.

Natalie Ryan Design Airport Art print

My absolute favourite collection of the Spring is the 'Abstract' collection. Even more designs are coming this spring, with framing and canvas options too. Our bespoke service is launching soon, it means we can colour match our designs to your interior.

Abstract Art at Natalie Ryan Design

A new illustration project is underway. Can't go into too much detail, other than its' tea centric. Hopefully by the time we are welcoming summer we have visuals. It's very cute and a lot of fun in the creation.

Tea at Natalie Ryan Design

Work is underway on The Illustrated Garden, a wonderful new range of art prints, inspired by vintage postcards and living here in the Countryside. Again, I'll show more in the summer, I can't wait to see this collection in glorious technicolour.

Natalie Ryan Design Birthday

Happy Birthday!

March is my business birthday. I began in 2002 and, thanks to you, I'm still designing collections. A big, big thank you for your orders and support.

Natalie Ryan Design

Art Prints at Natalie Ryan

You can browse all collections of Art Prints online here. The collections are ever growing. You'll also find links to blog articles to talk about why we opt for giclee prints, instead of posters, and some tips too.  

 Gifts for Travellers at Natalie Ryan

Natalie Ryan Clothing

Clothing launch! Our ranges of sweatshirts and t shirts, launched during lockdown, sold out pretty quickly. I wanted to offer responsibly sourced clothing and I'm delighted to share the new, responsibly manufactured clothing collections are going live soon. The same beautiful quality as ever. I'll write about them more when live. 

Natalie Ryan Clothing

Wishing you the happiest of springtimes. Comment below and let me know how you're welcoming spring into your world. 


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Spring is here and life gets lighter

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