Enjoying Summer - Lost in the sunshine. The second chapter of the year.

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Enjoying Summer, lost in the sunshine


Summer is here

"Summer means happy times and good sunshine." - Brian Wilson

Hello Summer, the season of tennis, racing, cricket and get togethers.

It's the time of year where the out of office (and the SPF) is on. The garden is in full bloom and the years projects take shape and move towards completion.

Read on for how we are enjoying summer at Natalie Ryan.


Enjoying Summer at Natalie Ryan

Suddenly summer has arrived and I've been lost in the sunshine ever since.

It's the season where I'm up early and walking the village before work, steps done before breakfast. My route takes me through old farmland, a working mill, cottage renovations, a conservation area where cottage dwellers grow and sell flowers for charity. Pass by the school house and the church where Jane Austins brother, James, was the Vicar for 28 years. Must read more books. The endless countryside is perfectly framed with wild flowers and green hedgerows; the results of the re-wilding project happening here in the village.

At home it's almost time to harvest the tomatoes planted last season, herbs too and salad that somehow survives the heat. I've planted roses, lavender, grasses, climbing jasmine and verbena. The sun-kissed garden is bursting. I'm in awe of the wild flowers planted with seeds from my grandma's garden in Ireland. The Irish clover too; seeds from my cousins. Home is sanctuary, a space to sit and draw, wave at the neighbours and villagers who wander down the farm track.

All the while golden fields soak up the sunshine, hedgerows deliver unlimited wild berries. Picnic blankets in the boot of the car...just in case. Right now, in this moment, summer feels endless and my goal is to enjoy each moment until, inevitably, the clouds gather, the air thickens and Autumn nears.

Let's not think of Autumn! There's still two months left to enjoy strawberries and cream, tennis whites and cricket. BBQ's in the garden and strolls when it cools. Trips to the seaside, ice cream, bare legs & sandals. Full on holiday mode - SPF and the out of office ON! A month in and I already don't want it to end.



Here's a glimpse of what we're currently working on.

If you have plans to attend a wedding this spring, our exclusive collection of Wedding Venues awaits you. Crafted as cherished keepsake gifts, and personalised to suit your preferences perfectly.
Embrace the beauty of our ever-expanding collections, featuring captivating coastline travel posters, elegant skyline stationery, and enchanting travel prints showcasing the likes of Barcelona, Austria, Winchester, and London. We are thrilled to announce that the launch of these captivating prints is just around the corner.


Abstract Art Prints

This summer I'm working on new designs, new colour-ways and new framing and canvas options.

Cushions & Pillows

You, Me & The Sea is very much the theme of the moment in our studio. Combining watercolours and abstract shapes this home furnishing collection will bring the beach home.

Summer in the garden

Work on The Illustrated Garden, continues. Again, I'll show more later on in the summer, I can't wait to launch this collection!

You, Me & The Sea

Celebrating the beauty of Britain's coastline with an ever expanding collection of illustrated art prints.

Skyline Stationery

At last! We're turning our skyline art prints into stationery - greetings cards and invites.

Wedding Gifts

Wedding venue portraits make a wonderful keepsake and a perfect gift for the happy couple on the day.

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Enjoying Summer, lost in the sunshine

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