This week from Hampshire - the ocean, teeth, portraits and winners!

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30th July 2021

This week: the ocean, teeth, portraits and winners.

1 - After a week of intense heat and sweltering at home I escaped and went to see the sea. It was cool and glorious.

Kite Surfing in Hampshire, image © Uniquesurface
At the beach again, Hampshire, image © Natalie Ryan

2 - Couldn't do my Friday 5 without mentioning the best of Hampshire and this picture is my favourite of the week for so many reasons. Congratulations to the incredible Lord Salon who won this years Muddy Stiletto's. If you don't already know Muddy Stiletto's is the 'urban guide to the countryside'. What I love most about her is she has never written a rubbish review. She just finds the good, and these two are really, really good at what they do.

Tom and Jamie from Lord, image © Lord Hair Winchester

3 - Started more Winchester inspired works and got out and about with my sketch book. This is the Gormley in the Basement of the Cathedral. Hoping to have the collection ready for the autumn. There's an initial illustration below, not yet for sale, but I'll start the listings in a few weeks. Contact me meantime if you'd like more info. You can view all my work on my website.

Image: © Annie Spratt
Winchester High Street © Natalie Ryan

4 - Finally got time for some personal admin, which included a visit to the dentist and time at Richmond House Beauty for a detox. I'll put a link to treatments here.

Image © Richmond House Beauty

5 - Wrote a blog post about all the different types of portrait I offer. You can read it here. I've opened my order books for personalised portraits as I have some limited availability for the summer. Get in touch if you need more info. Here's the link to all my portraits.

That's it! See you next week.

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